Pasquín en arVivid MADRID

“ARVIVID Affordable Art 22” features artists from Spain and beyond. This exhibition presents a unique opportunity to discover emerging artistic talent and genres, in both painting and photography. It is a celebration of creativity without bounds and embodies ARVIVID’s mission to empower the artists community and make art accessible for all.

Taking the format of a fair, “Affordable Art 22” presents a wide array of styles including oil & acrylic paintings on canvas/paper, mix media, photography, and digital artworks. Enrich your collection with stunning original works by Pedro Pasquín, Paul Arts, Oscar Santasusagna, Olga Cairols, and editioned photography of Marta Caldas. Inviting visitors to discover formats beyond the original art, “ARVIVID Affordable Art 22” will also feature premium fine art prints and limited editions in honor of digitally created art. There will be no barriers – you will find art for different tastes and budgets ranging from 100-6500€. ARVIVID is here to place great art within your reach.

ARVIVID is here to place great art within your reach.